The Impact of Goal Setting Towards a More Fulfilling Life

Goal setting contains the elements of fun and fulfilment. Are you surprised to know about that statement? Have you been setting goals all your life and still end up having a difficult time sticking to them? Struggles in setting and meeting your goals only take place when you allow them to have control over yourself. You may say, ‘Easier said than done.’ Yes, setting a goal may be hard, but definitely it IS possible and attainable!

Setting your goals is not meant to be tough. Rather, it implies pleasure from doing what you wish to achieve in life. In the first place, reaching your vision and getting your desires should result into passion and zeal, instead of resistance and negativity. If you sense yourself being resistant and negative about it, free your mind from any thoughts and focus on your goal alone. How strong is your desire to accomplish that target? Answering this simple question can bring you back in the game and move on to reach the finish line.

Truths About Goal Setting
In order to see results in the goals that you set, it is wise to know of the facts about this seemingly challenging yet fulfilling task.

  • The goals that work best are those that are specific and realistic. Take it from the experts; successful people became who they were because they pointed out specific as well as realistic goals. “I’m going to plant a tree tomorrow” is a better and more realizable goal than saying, “I’m going to help in preserving the environment.”
  • Achieving results from your goal may take time. When you set a goal, you cannot expect to see instant results. Things that you don’t usually do will take time before you get the habit of doing it. You already have a regular routine; adding at least one activity will have your brain go through adjustments. Patience is necessary in goal setting.
  • Reminding yourself of your goal allows you to stick to it. Saying your goal over and over again will help you be reminded of what you want as well as what you are striving for. If you are comfortable about writing your goal, grab your journal and write it down. Each time you do these things, you are helping yourself to actually make it happen.
  • Gratify others and fail in your goal. Although a goal may be rooted from or inspired by someone, see to it that you set your goal because you simply want it, not because somebody wants you to. People may have the power to influence you but you have the option to make the final decision. Staying on track and keeping your goal may be impossible if you are doing it out of obligation.
  • Encountering obstacles does not suggest failure. While in the process of reaching your goals, slip-ups are a possibility. Those can be hindrances but should not be allowed to stop you from succeeding your goal. Treat each of them as part of the process and use them at your benefit. Everyone commits mistakes but only some choose to learn from them. Better become one of these few people and find satisfaction in achieving your goal.
  • Tell people of your goal and become more encouraged to fulfill it. Sharing your goal to other people may encourage you to work more on it. In fact, you can receive tips from other successful individuals on how they conquered goal setting and made it goal possible.

Similar to learning, goal setting is a continuous process. Once you have accomplished one, you move on to the next as you live a more fulfilled life, knowing that you are a very admirable achiever.


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